North Star EP

by Jeni Wren

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released September 19, 2013

Music and lyrics by Jeni Wren Stottrup

Produced by Jeni Wren Stottrup and Matthew Flowers

Vocals: Jeni Wren Stottrup

Rhodes: Akila Fields

Piano: Ben Darwish

Guitar: Bill Marsh

Bass: Michael Dougherty

Drums: Tom Goicoechea
Saxophone: Noah Bernstein
Engineers: Joe Hall, Sean Flora, Matthew Flowers, Noah Woodburn and Dan Vidmar
Recorded at: Camp Creek Studios, New North Sound, Audio Cinema and Emigrate Records

Mixed by Matthew Flowers, Scott Stanley and Jeni Wren Stottrup at Audiocinema

Mastered by Rick McMullin at Superdigital
Photography by Akila Fields
Cover design by Riannah Weaver
Headress designed by Rachael Rice of Cosmic American
Special thanks to everyone who donated to the Kickstarter campaign



all rights reserved


Jeni Wren Portland, Oregon

Songwriter and vocalist Jeni Wren's 2013 EP experimented with soul, jazz and gospel, influenced by soul tinged greats like Jill Scott and Nina Simone. The artist, first known in Portland as a member of 2013 WW Best New Artist Shy Girls, is returning to the stage after a 2 year hiatus, toying with her framework and integrating a grittier, fuzz spattered sound; not afraid to get dirty. ... more

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Track Name: Release
Patience is not my best virtue
I wanna let go of the past
But despite my best intentions
I still shatter like glass

Wish I could be all that you wanted
But what you see is what you get
I'm not gonna give up a shred of my dignity
If you won't even lend me your heart

The maybes and the somedays are tearing me apart
I need peace and understanding to feel my weary soul

I need to let you know
I've got to let you go
I need to let you know
It's time I let you go
Track Name: Don't Call it Love
Every night in the city,
there's a heart that's shutting out the light
In the shadows it ain't pretty,
when no one's there to make it right
And you wait for something,
how long can you carry on without
enoughs enough, you let go
dont' call it love

When the dawn finds you dreaming
Another day lost in the fog
And your heart feels like screaming
For the one you wanted all along
And you wait for something
how long can you carry on without
enoughs enough you let go
Don't call it love

Don't call it love
Don't call it love
Don't call it love
Don't call it love
Track Name: Love Song
I'm gonna right you a love song
Sing it out straight from the heart
You're a light in my life and I need you close
Before you go, there's something that you should know

We've been all over the question
We've talked about it all night long
But it's hard to take when we're miles apart
To leave me all alone waiting in the dark

I'm gonna write you a love song
Every every day
I'm gonna write you a love song
Please won't you stay

Listen carefully to what I've got to say
I've wanted you so hard from the start
But I can't stand back and let you go
Like you're just another man I used to know

Track Name: The Dream
I fight for the days and I live for the nights
I play my piano and try to stay up right
The evening approaches and you call me to my dreams
Singing: come on baby lets see this through

You sing, sometimes we fight but it don't make no sense
But then we get it right and I'm climbing down off that fence
Please pretty baby, listen to my plea
Oh lets try try try try

The new morning rises, I wake up alone from that dear dream
The fact is we've traveled far far beyond relief
Reality tell me I really should move on
But I'd rather sit here and listen to you song

Track Name: Jeni Stottrup - North Star
The windows of my heart are burning
Scorched by the light from you
This house is in flames but this phoenix is rising
And it's all because of you

The sun rises in the morning
It sets down each and every single night
I see the North Star shining
It tells me, if you can see it too then we'll be alright

The sea is rising and you're treading water
Capcized by the lightning storm
I'll bring you in to my safe harbour
And do my best to keep you from harm